Southern Accents Magazine calls Thorn's one-of-a-kind creations
"undulating beauties that few can resist."
Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Paige Hathaway Thorn draws inspiration for her hand-dyed / hand-painted silk designs from East Indian woodcarvings and the antique ornamentation and rich color of her historic hometown.

Creative freedom came early for this textile designer, who remembers as a small child, painting every piece of her bedroom furniture chartreuse. That playful childhood imagination has guided Thorn throughout her life. As an architect student at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Thorn quickly realized she didn"t like the rigid restraints of the required precision drawing. Instead, she found herself exploring the unconfined world of textile arts, where she was able to draw whimsical shapes on colorful fabrics...
A textile artist was born.

Thorn went on to earn a master"s degree in art education from the University of South Carolina. For a while, she put her skills to use in the classroom teaching art to high school students in her hometown. But her desire to become a full-time artist eventually drew her away from teaching and into a studio where she"s spent the past six years concentrating on her distinctive textile designs. The results of her artistic vision are one-of-a-kind pillows, bed throws, scarves, and wraps. Thorn also designs a line of gift items including handbags, eye pillows, buckwheat pillows and wrist cuffs.

Each piece of Thorn"s is an adventure in imagination. Her unique process begins with a love of color and yards of undyed douppionis, charmeuses and velvets. Blending a variety of tones and hues together, Thorn first stretches the fabric between sawhorses and painstakingly begins to layer the dyes creating rich shades of eggplant, chocolate, soft blues, cherry and chartreuse.
Her experimentation with color often results in a translucent effect" the hallmark of her fabrics. After the material dries, Thorn then sketches out her designs of botanical shapes, floral motifs, dragonflies, bamboo and bugs and uses metallic ink such as antique gold to silk-screens the images onto her fabric canvas. Once these enhancements are complete, the fabric is ready to be transformed into customized fashions and interior accessories, complete with beaded trim that is hand-sewn by the artist.

The unique designs of Paige Hathaway Thorn are functional works of art.
Her color lines and prints change with the seasons creating a visual excitement that leaves designers asking for more. Notable celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Annette Bening, Jane Seymour, Lucy Liu and Cameron Manheim have also worn Thorn's creations.
In addition, Thorn and her work were recently featured at the Ryad Tamsna Gallery in Morocco during an invitation only weeklong showcase for American artists. The event drew European celebrities and dignitaries like C.K. Williams, a Pulitzer Prize winning poet.
Customized orders can also be purchased directly through Thorn"s company. For more information on Paige Hathaway Thorn and how to order her one-of-a-kind designs email the artist or call 843.762.2365 or 800.484.9007 pin 2029.